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Sunday, December 11, 2005

11 Brats...

The weekend is over and it seemed to go very slow. Ended up babysitting for 11 kids on Saturday all under the age of 5! Wow. My sister and I both were called in to go and the adults stayed upstairs and our job was to entertain the kids for 4 hours downstairs and make sure no one died. For the most part they all got along but when it rolled around 11:30 and 11 hyper kids still awake... things started to change and every little thing turned into a screaming cry. But we made not to bad money for it.
Spent Saturday night at my grandparents and some of the day today. Finally got a day to sleep in and catch up on my sleep.
Today was Samuels Birthday. Happy Birthday Darlin' . We went out to the farm and had a little party for him. Played musical pillows and got my arce kicked by a 7 year old. How sad.
Studied so hard for my math test in the past 2 days non stop to try and hopfully do good on this upcoming test tomorrow. Wish me luck.
One more week of school then christmas holidays. Couldnt be more excited. I need a break from things and people and homework...
I need to get outta Prince George for a while which is also happening very soon! How cool
Anyways..time for me to go and sleep
have a good week and a good day tomorrow
Boss JR.

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