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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy Heart

Happy Heart
Tis being and doing and having that make All the pleasures and pains of whichmankind partake; To be what God pleases,To do a man's best, And to have a good heart, Is the way to be blest.

--Lord Byron

The all star game was kinda weird. We only ended up playing for like half an hour which kind of sucked but what can you do. I felt very young compared to most of the people there playing. They were much taller then me and it was kind of hard to fit in.
School is going Ok. Only 7 more days of school untill Christmas Holidays. I need a break from school and people. Ill need to catch up on a weeks worth of homework before I go on my trip to Mexico. Ill be missing one week of school. Geez... maybe a tutor should just follow me everywhere - wouldnt that be the day.
Been doing lots of scoring for basketball. Ive done about 5 games now. Decided since I wasnt going to play the sport, I may aswell keep envolved in it and make some money while im at it.
Did lots of baking on Sunday. That was fun, we made all sorts of goodies. Apperently the things I made are barely edable but acording to DJ, there the best ever. lol.
Went to a church ladies tea with my Aunty. She invited me over to her church where they held silent auctions, music, stories etc. I felt so young compared to everyone too...everyone else other than a few must have been in there 60's. I all of a sudden got a tickle in my throte while this lady was telling a story. Of corse I couldnt stop caughing so all of a sudden i feel something that had hit me. I look up and this elderly lady had thrown a Ricola or whatever there called (caugh candy). SHes like 80 and just whips a candy at me cute and thoughtful!
Well thats really all I have to say right now. At my grammas for dinner. Got some Christmas shopping done today and to tell you the truth, Im almost done. A couple more trips to make and it will be all good.
Boss. Jr

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