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Monday, February 13, 2006

Thanks Boss

Like the new layout?? Compliments to my sister,BOSS for spending time working on it for me!
School has started up again for this semester. Today went not to bad although very boring ( going over classroom rules etc..)

I havent been doing much lately. Just hanging out trying to fight this cold. Its almost gone!

Got an e-mail from Gerry ( The guy helping us raise the money to buy the children medication) and we still have about 800 dollars that we funraised whcih will be getting sent to Mexico this week sometime. In the mean time, he has organized a fundraiser dinner that he hold every year. The money raised will go to the children this year which is very exciting. Were putting out heads together to try and think of other fundraisers that could be succesful!

Volleyball was cancled tonight and reschedualed for tomorrow night which is good. It feels like so much is going but yet, there isnt. I know, I dont make any sense.

Valentines day is tomorrow and I plan on not celebrating it. Im painting my nails black and renting horror movies and staying in the dark all day long. Im going to make the best out of it... as you can see:) Its not like I have anyone to spend it with. If anyone wants to join me, they are more than welcome to!

Anyways... its time to move on with my day and stop procrastinating. Maybe do my homework!!

Fortune in my cookie yesturday -- "Besure to think of yourself before others and you'll be happier" - Weird...wasnt I just talking about this the other day? Dawn

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