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Monday, February 27, 2006

Weow! This picture was taken during Winter Games obviously. We came second!!!

Just came back from Vancouver yesturday night around 10ish. I had a good time. We did come 10th out of 24 or somthing like that. This was with out club team.

Great times travelling with JT and SP and spending most of the trip making up random 'Your Mom' jokes:)
"Ill tell you after im done with your mom" eh Jordan?

Screwed up my back pretty bad. Taking some time off of volleyball because were of to Kelowna this weekend. Craziness.

As for this week.... school so far is going well. Had a science test today that went well and the odd quiz here and there.

Congradulations to Ramona for having a baby boy (February 27th 2006) ... Robert. Too cute. She had the baby within 45 minutes!!! Its actually a very inspiring, miracle story.

I had real SUSHI for the first time in my life. It was not cooked fish... although I didnt know untill I had eaten the whole thing... DM.

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