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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Catching up...

Guess maybe I should write some stuff instead of posting pictures all the time. Not alot is happening though. Been doing some babysitting for a couple people now. So ive been keeping busy.
Had volleyball last night and we had a good practice. We have to do well in the tourny this weekend at CNC to have a good placing when we go to provincials and nationals. Wish us luck!!
School is going ok...a little stressful. We just got back and all the classes are throwing all these tests at us! Its pretty crazy...I need stop stop slacking and just take the time to study. Getting off the computer now would be a good start.
So im applying for camp this summer as an LIT. Just in the mids of filling out the paper work. Put alot of thought into it , if this is just the thing and the place I need to be this summer. I have so much I want to do and so many people too see.
Today I found out that they are still looking for people to go on the GERMAN exchange. I would absolutly love to do that!! So here I am, filling out MORE paper work all over again and hopfully I get my sheets in on time. Ahh Germany:S
Ive been driving pretty much everywhere now and feel 100% confident. Couple close calls because of other people poor driving skills but thats reality. Its kinda nice being 16.
My gramma has been doing not to bad. People and nurses are coming to see her now and get blood from her , check her oxygen, etc. She found out today that she needs a couple more blood transfusions. Her hemoglobin is very low!
Might go swimming tomorrow with a buddy of mine! how fun:) Other than that... nothing more is going on.

Ill keep you updated.
Boss Jr.

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