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Thursday, March 16, 2006

"L" for LOSER?

Weow! Got my L!!! Had it now for about 3 days or so and ive already been all over town. Its so much fun and "Nothing like Go-Carts" lol. Started off at the Multiplex and moved up from there and soon enough I was on the real road!! Fun fun.

Spring break so far has been OK. Went to the movies with some buddies and a friend of mine. We saw 16 Block or somthing. Its an OK show I guess.

Went up to the hart today to go Snowboarding and teach my little cousin SJ to snowboard. Guess it would help if the hill was open hey? Poor guy was devestated... so I took him to the pool for a good couple of hours than out for lunch. I think that finally made him smile:)

Nothing else really to report. Ill post a few more pictures.
Boss Jr.

p.s The L sign is really red, but when I took the picture... it turned yellow?

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