There are moments...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

No one Listens - No one cares...

Sitting against the cold, cracked wall,
behind the bars, trying to escape.
Its clear in my mind that im alone.
No one listens - No one cares.

These words keep running through,
My fulfilled head of horrified thoughts.
Trying to freely explode.
Still, no one listens - No one cares.

My body filled with the chills,
and my head rested on my knees.
Continuing to hear my own words,
my own words repeading steadily.

Clear memories of hell so real,
Starting off the upcoming day.
Would I ever be happy again?
Would you ever listen? Would you ever care?

Today I sit against the warm , smooth wall,
happier than Ive ever been.
Its clear in my mind finaly,
That you want to listen - you finaly care.

Words finally poored out,
I shared my thoughts and feelings.
It gave me relief and a smile.
You wanted to listen - you wanted to care.

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