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Monday, April 17, 2006


This is a picture of me, my gramma and my sister yesturday night (easter). We had a great dinner a very good visit. It was good to get together as a family again and be able to spend some ' family ' time together. Things have been so busy lately that we havent seen them really that much. My gramma is the most amazing lady and I love her very much! I hate to see her go through all the pain she is. She doesnt complain about ANYTHING and is always doing everything in her will power to make everyone happy and everything fair. I wish that I could take all her pain away - but life doesnt work that way right?

This was a picture taken a couple years ago at Thanksgiving 2004.

This is me and my sister in like year 2003/04 at Thanksgiving once again. Its so great when we get along which doesnt happen often. This is a once in a lifetime photograph!

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