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Monday, May 29, 2006

Andrew has my duck!

Its official... Andrew has my duck.

Went to nationals for volleyball and did not to bad. Had a few very slow moving games. Got to see my friend Andrew who hates volleyball, but likes me. Thank you for taking the pain for that day.

Never got into camp this summer, which is fine. Im not sure what God has in store for me this summer but im excited to find out.
As for plans already, in August Im going down to see my dad for the month along with my Aunty Kim. We have all sorts of fun things planned.

Got an e-mail from my friend BJ today. It was great to hear from her!!!

Andrew threw my duck in the lake where is supposably belongs -- not true. It belongs here with me.

Dawn come home. I miss you lots.

Jr. Prom is this Thursday. Im getting excited about that.

My sister, Michelle, broke her wrist on the weekened. Poor girl cant do anything for 8 weeks. Summer games for volleyball are also out of the question for her.

Schools out in 15 days. Have not been so excited for a long time!!! Weow!

Thats all the news i have to report at the moment. Ill keep you all posted,
Boss. Jr

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