There are moments...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A poem...

As time goes by
I see u there
In my minds eye
I see you glare

Forever frozen motionless
I will return your stare
With a look of sadness
Witch I am forced to bear

With but one mistake
I will forever lose
The one who made me quake
And shake…in my space shoes

I tell you I will always care
And will always regret
That it was I who shed the glare
And will always be in your dept

Without u I think I might die
But never the less I proceed
With but a tear in my eye
Thinking of you with greed

As time passes by
I still see you there clear as wine
Always in my minds eye
Forever wishing that you were still mine…

-- My friend

I thought we could be great
And it is hard to face my mistake
But I pushed to fast and hard
And toppled the pyramid of cards

Witch was our relationship
And also our friendship
It would be easy to lay blame
But for the fact that it is all mine to claim

As we grow further apart
It seems to break my heart
As we begin to separate
I cant help but hate

The fact that we didn’t work out
And I just want to shout
To scream and rage
Against this cage

That encloses my emotions
And this sensation
That to part with you
Would be to lose

A part of myself
That I have kept on the shelf
To protect from those
Who would toss it in the compost

I realize there is not much I can do
Save tell u I care about you
And hope to god that it is enough
Because living without you would be tough

I will always remember the times we had
Even when we were altogether sad
And Even if without a relationship
We always had our friendship

But even now that is in jeopardy
And each word may be our last in this parody
Each moment without you is like living hell
And it seems like I am but an empty shell
-- my friend again

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