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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rest In Peace <3

My cat ate it....

Today was an OK day...although I could be feeling much much better than I feel. Marie has been over for the past like week which has been awesome to have her. Babysat for two days and blew all my money away the day I received it.

I got a wicked wool sweater
Two pairs of pants
Two shirts
A bracelet Hemp Beads
And of corse, A slushie

Went to the lake today. Im brown, which is good. But now I have a weird tan line. The lake water is very warm for the early summer weather. I think I may have a bit of heat stroke as well. Tried fishing... key word TRIED. It was actualy rather funny... the hook kept getting stuck in the weeds. No nibbles accept for little minos. I come home fishless still. Never have I caught a fish I can keep.

Got a new car. Well my mom got a new car for both of us. Its a 2006 Epica fully loaded...leather seats...sunroof...heated seats for winter...automadic...power locks and temp control...outside temp control, etc. Its rather nice actually.

Went to church today and had a really good service.

I. "What in the World is God doing?"--Mathew 16:13-20
He is bringing situations into my (our) life to invite me (you) to allow jesus to be for me (you) in my (our) life.

II. What is God's Primary Agenda? --Mathew 16:18-20
"Church" = Ekklesia

"Church"= "Called out one's"

In my relationship with God there are 4 "stages":

What in the world is church all about anyways?

Thats what I learned in todays church service.

Had a BBQ at my moms friends today too.

Andrew says its Icecream day tomorrow.

Rest in peace sweet amazing Geneveive. Today was the funeral for 15 year old Geneveive Klosser. She had an amazing heart, a outstanding personality, was loved by hundreds of people, had a faithful heart and loved to serve for God. We all know she is in heaven with the Big Guy. May your heart be at rest.

Goodnight All,

Boss Jr.

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