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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thought of life...

Wow. You know, its amazing that so many people come in and out of your life expectadly. Does every person come into your life for a reason? Why do some come and go so quickly? Why do they have to go? Its amazing how quickly someone can change your view on life, people, things, and situations you might be going through. Even sometimes the slightest bit of advice helps you move along throughout your day. Personaly, I have been doing alot of thinking about life, and certain situations, and I've seem to been getting alot of different perspectives.
I was walking to the park the other day and saw a mom and a dad with their 3 kids playing basketball and that game where they throw the ball and you catch it with the little hand pad and it sticks to the velcro. The kids were laughing and smiling ear to ear... the parents look as though they were having an amazing time together and giving their children so much joy and happiness. As for myself having divorced parents...its a differnt kind of fun, happiness, laughter that I go through. Sometimes its hard to walk by and see such happy moments in life like that happen and realize that you ( Me) may never get that again... know Ill never get that again. Most of my friends parents are together and its just very different being around a couple along with just the environment. Life seems so great. Smiling. Laughter. Fun. But is there really such thing as a happy family? Is there such thing as a family with no problems, no griefs, no worries?

It can be so amazing how each individual person/friend/familiy member etc. can make such a huge impact on your life. Even if you dont know the person that well. Each person fills that special place of your heart that "no one else can ever replace again". Even if they come in and out of your life so quickly. Everyone has their own perspective, morals, ways of life, stability, personalities etc. Every one is unique. Different. A gift. Every person plays a differnt role in your life. No one can fill it.

School is out. One exam on the 28th. Going out to camp on the 30 and coming home on the 22 of July... going to see my dad in all of Aug. Its a busy summer. For those of you that know what camp im going too...please write me letters!!!!!

Thats all the news to report. Me and my thinking *rolls eyes*
Good nite.
Boss Jr.

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