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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Camp Break.

Well Im home again for another weekend. Camp this week was very interesting:
1.Never got thrown in the lake once (Horrible weather)
2.Had a few good chats with some people
3.Made a new friend from Kelowna
4.Got 2 letters in the mail.
5.Made a new kitchen friend - Melinda
6.Ate 10 Oreos in one sitting
7.Went tubing for 45 minutes straight
8.The fire ban finally stopped and we had a tin foil dinner
9.I got to see Stu and Brittney
10. We had a slumber party that included hair cutting, massages, watching emperors new groove in the chapel, and talk.
11. Went for a few walks
12. Did daily devos
13.Went to Pirates II last weekend with some camp friends
14.Learned to play a new song on the piano
15.Listened to an amazing singer from camp
16.Went rock climbing
17.Made a pine cone on a string
18.Wore a fanny pack for a week
19.Raised Joels self esteem
20.Received a leather work peice of art from Sarah
21.Bribed campers with gummi bears
22. and had lots of fun.

Im slacking on the picture taking..I guess I should get my butt in gear with that. I love pictures.
I will keep you informed on how everything is going.
Tonight Im going to the drive- in theatre.
Boss jr.

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