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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To BE alive in such an age!

To BE alive in such an age!
With every year a lightning page
Turned in the world's great wonder book
Whereon the leaning nations look.
When men speak strong brotherhood,
For peace and universal good,
When miracles are everywhere,
And every ince of common air
Throbs a tremendou prophecy
Of greater marvels yet to be.
O thrilling age,
O willing age!
When steel and stone and rail and rod
Become the avenus of God-
A trump to shout His thunder through
To crown the work that man may do.

To be alive in such an age!
When man, impatient of his cage,
Thrills to the soul's immortal rage
For conquest-reaches goal on goal,
Travels the earth from pole to pole,
Garners the tempests and the tides
And on a Dream Triumphant rides.
When, hid within the lump of clay,
A light more terrible than day
Proclaims the presence of that Force
Which hurls the planets on their course.
O age with wings
O age with flings
A challenge to the very sky,
Where endless realms of conquest lie!
When, earth on tiptoe, strives to hear
The message of a sister sphere,
Yearning to reach the cosmic wires
That flash Infinity's desires.

To be alive in such an age!
That blunders forth its discontent
With futile creed and sacrament,
Yet craves to utter God's intent,
Seeing beneath the world's unrest
Creation's hugs, untiring quest,
And through Tradition's broken crust
The flame of Truth's triumphant thrust;
Below the seething thought of man
The push of a stupendous Plan.
O age of strife!
O age of life!
When Progress rides her chariots high,
And on the borders of the sky
The signals of the century
Proclaims the things that are to be-
The rise of woman to her place,
The coming of a nobler race.
To be alive in such ang age-
To live in it,
To give to it!
Rise, soul, from thy despairing knees.
What if thy lips have drunk the lees?
Fling forth thy sorrows to the wind
And link thy hope with humankind-
The pion of a larger claim
Will put thy puny grief to shame.
Breathe the world thought, do the world deed,
Think hugely of thy brother's need.
And what thy woe, and what thy weal?
Look to the work the times reveal!
Give thanks with all thy flaming heart-
Crave but to have in it a part.
Give thanks and clasp thy heritage-
To be alive in such an age!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Train of thought

Did you ever hear the story about the man who was afraid of lions? Well, he was so scared that he ran and he ran and he ran, and he kept looking behind him to see if a lion was catching up to him. And he looked over his shoulder so much,he didn't see where he was going. And one day, guess what he ran smack dab into? A lion

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I sit here in dimmed light with my knitted wool socks and my fancy hand made sweater with a button nearly falling off. The chai tea burning my left hand, and a book full of honesty in my right brings me to my senses. God is great.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Purple Elephants

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


--Dog for sale: eats everything and is fond of chicken

Things I have done/seen in the past week:
-Saw my aunty kim, my cousin zach, my uncle jim, brenda, my sister, and my other cousin nicole
-A sweater that i wanted to buy
-Little Bow lake
-A duck
-water skiied for the first time -- got up
-tubed for the 5th time in my life
-a happy family

-my dad
-the cat
-a few shopping places
-drove my dads big truck
-saw my prend andrew
-watched batman -- adam west
-went for a walk
- had icecream...and it didnt kill me cause im still here
-saw a shooting star in mid daylight
-dripped over a stump
-walked around midnapore


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